I was very fortunate (blessed) to experience some terrific teaching and training from both Cedarville University and Dallas Theological Seminary. I completed my formal education in May of 1978, and in a couple of weeks my wife and I moved to Beech Grove, Indiana. At First Baptist Church I was now enjoying the excitement of pastoring my first church. Surprisingly that first ministry last for 29 years! Obviously, the grace of God and the love from these people were at work.
After that length of time, with my family expanding and my growing age, I felt that it was time for a younger man to take the leadership and build for the future. In an unusual turn of events, after 14 years of absence from First Baptist,
I am once again the senior pastor (now very “senior”). Our church had gone through some difficult struggles and losses, and we are attempting to rebuild here, by God’s grace, the teaching of the Word, and loving the people.
Norma and I recently celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary, and since those early times at First Baptist with our little family of four, we have now grown to 23. We consider our family our most important ministry and greatest blessing in life. My greatest desire apart from the relationship I have with my God, is to accurately and passionately convey Biblical truth to others, by means of teaching and preaching the Word of God, as well as in personal conversation, writing, and by other media forms of communication,
many of which I am still learning.