Our Story
 First Baptist Church of Beech Grove was organized in 1912, so in this year (2022) we celebrate 110
years of existence and ministry in the Beech Grove/Indianapolis area. Our facilities were located in the
center of Beech Grove for 77 years, then relocated to Franklin Township on the east side of Beech
Grove in 1989.
Our ministry has always emphasized the importance of the Great Commission – making disciples of all
nations, baptizing them, and teaching them to observe the Word of God. Our ministry has extended to
many peoples all over the world, as many in our church family have left the confines of “home” and
gone to literally make disciples in other nations.
The people at First Baptist love the Lord, and have served faithfully, many for their entire life in this
church. Our desire is to continue to meet the needs of the people in our community, and to reach
these people with the gospel of Christ. We are at present an older church, both in years of existence
and age of constituency.
Truthfully, we are looking for some adventurous people who have faith in the power of God and will
join hands and hearts with us to continue to grow a strong church in the area of Beech Grove.
We need people who are willing to serve with us and pray with us to that end. We also welcome
people who are hungry for the teaching of the Word of God, or who are searching for the true meaning
of life.
What’s next for First Baptist? That is exactly what we are asking God. We are praying for wisdom and
direction. The future belongs to Him. We are highly anticipating how he is going to use this 110-year-
old ministry, well into the 21st century.